Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sky Island And Winter Island In One Piece!

The chase for the One Piece treasure is gaining pace, and is giving way to new mysteries. As the story is progressing, new settings are invading the show. The upcoming episode of the anime series will bring Sky Island and Winter Island to the viewers.

The last segment saw Rayleigh playing assassin for a Sea King. After taking King’s life, he set foot on the island as Law’s men looked at him. After giving back Luffy's head gear, Rayleigh was seen conversing with Snake Princess and her siblings. 
What plan is Rayleigh hatching in his mind? The upcoming installment will surely raise the curtains from it. 

The last one saw Usopp struggling for freedom. His attempts didn’t bear fruits, as he was consumed by the island. But before Usopp could suffer a terrible fate, Heracles came to his rescue! Usopp gave him word that he would always be with Luffy. Would he be able to keep his promise? 

Watch One Piece episode 508 to see what unfolds for Usopp in the subsequent segment. While all the above happened in last one, the information available on upcoming installment is very limited. It seems like the show bosses keep all upcoming offerings under watchful eyes till they air, but ladies and gentlemen, I still have some insights to offer! Sky Island will witness a breakout! What changes would be seen after the Sky Island breakout? Well, how would I know? Just like you, I am waiting for the fun to air! 

Meanwhile, another occurrence will unfold on Winter Island. And that happening is speculated to be a path changer for the show. 

Man, I can’t sit still till the next episode approaches. 

Help me!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Grief Isn’t The Only Thing Luffy Is Left With; He Has Friends, Too!

Luffy’s grief does not seem to end. He still feels devastated by Ace’s death. If only Ace can come back! Well, that is something that will never happen, so I would suggest Luffy to move on.

And that’s exactly what One Piece is doing! 

It is constantly moving ahead. But just as Luffy is unable to forget Ace, Garp and Makino too, are finding it hard to keep Ace’s memories aside. And then, there is Dadan as well. 
What we saw in the last episode is only a small hint of the time that is to come. Dadan was furious with Garp for failing to save Ace! 

It is not right, for we know Garp did his best, but we also know that Dadan does not mean to hurt Garp. He is only blurting his emotions out, which under these circumstances, is a pretty tough thing to do. 

Makino became really emotional when he recalled Ace and Luffy’s happy childhood, and how good they looked together. It has been really difficult for the viewers as well, to cope with Ace’s death. 

Now, as we go ahead to watch One Piece episode 506, we have to keep in mind that Ace’s chapter is over, but there are many friends of Luffy, who would want him to be with them. 

Luffy has got a real tough task up ahead, and he has to be brave enough to fight his emotions that only seem to make him weak! 

Can Luffy stand up to face Ace’s death? 

Can the upcoming episode, The Straw Hat Crew Shocked! The Bad News is Received, change things for him? 

Get a hold of the episode as it goes on air to know!!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Sabo! You win my heart!

One Piece has been and by the looks of it, always will be the endearing show that it is. Practically, all the characters that the show has are huge and have a big fan base. But one of them always manages to score over the others in my opinion.

Sabo is my man in that case! A pirate with a heart of gold! Yes, I would like to call him that! If you watched One Piece episode 501, you would have seen that and now would agree with me hands down! 
The episode showed him being taken to his home town. Moreover, we saw him desperately trying to reach Ace and Luffy to tell them that the Grey terminal has been burnt down. Though the cosmos seemed like conspiring against him, he never gave up the efforts to reach them. It seemed that every hindrance possible would come in his way to stop him from pursuing his plan. In the end, his determination won our hearts. 

Sabu did not know that Ace and Luffy were aware of the latest developments. So, he does his best to reach out to them, and this effort of his takes the trophy of friendship to him. 

At one point of time, you can’t help but feel sorry for Bluejam, as what he thought was well planned, came crashing down due to some betrayal. And now the brunt of this will have to be borne by Ace and Luffy. 

Although we already know that their future is safe, still having this impending danger lurking, gives us some thrills. 

This flashback has been doing well after a slow start and has set a major foundation for bringing the story, where it is today. Marking an important turn in the overall development of things, the last episode had a nice reception. Let’s see how One Piece 502 streaming online turns out. I am sure it won’t disappoint its predecessors.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

One Piece Collection 8: A Gift for its Fans!

With an anime like One Piece, all one can think of is the presentation of an extraordinary world by its creators in front of the audience. It not only takes you on fantastic flights of imagination, but also helps you perceive them in real. This is where the show has an edge over other anime series!

Having said that, I would like to discuss the show’s recent eighth series’ collection of all the episodes to date! 
It has come up with something as interesting as an anthology of all the episodes under the name of One Piece Collection 8. So, first let us discuss what the show is all about in brief. 

The show is simply laid on the foundation of its protagonist Luffy and his friends, who are on a quest for a coveted hidden treasure. But, it’s not just this quest that has grabbed the attention of the audience for years now. It is much more than that! 

The way these pirates voyages showcase some of the beautiful locations, catches everyone’s eye! These locations not only serve as mere portrayal in the series, rather, it seems to be as tangible as any other place. 

So, when you watch One Piece episodes online, do take into account the details that I am mentioning here. They will help you connect with series quite easily and interestingly. 

Getting back to the collection of all the episodes of the series, the anthology seems to have the background of every detail. 

I am sure it is worth a watch, for, the anime has always enchanted its fans with some ecstatic depictions, in terms of location as well as their verity. 

Do ponder over these factors, and tell me whether you agree with me or not!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

One Piece – The Story of Luffy and the Affable Pirates!

It has always been about the audacity and never-say-die attitude of this seventeen-year-old guy, driven by the urge to become the Pirate King!

I think the world of pirates was never so interesting. For that reason, I no longer look at them with absolute abhorrence! 

Watch One Piece episodes online and witness the tale of Luffy, who sets out on an expedition to become the greatest pirate ever. 

Luffy, the red-haired lad and his accomplices form the group that goes around by the name of Straw Hat Pirates.
The USP of this anime series has been the slew of pirates that form the crux of the show. 

Some of the sterling pirate gangs are as follows: 

Arlong Pirates – It’s a one-man’s show out there with Mermen as the leader and a follower as well. She has super human abilities, and comes from a group that used to be dominant in the region of East Blue. 

Bellamy Pirates – They belong to the Grand Line. 

Black Beard Pirates – One of the most feared groups on the sea. Its leader Black Beard rebelled and murdered his crew mate before forming his own group that could challenge one and all. 

Black Cat Pirates – Not to worry buddies! They’ve become extinct long ago with their leader seeking solace in an unknown place. 

Straw Hat Pirates – This one is lead by Luffy, and is a group characterized by temerity and wit. 

White Beard Pirates – Most powerful group that’s touted to emerge as the strongest player in this game for power and authority. 

Download of the episodes of the show will immediately give you an insight into the tussle that goes on incessantly between these groups.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Look at One Piece New Year’s Special!

No no! I am not talking about the year that just passed by! I am talking about the episode that was telecast on December 23, 2007.

It was truly engaging in every sense, and gave ample food for thought to the viewers. Those of you, who followed it might reminisce it. But, for those, who can hazily recollect the images of Chopperman and Namifia, I will recapitulate it for you.
I clearly remember, Chopperman and Namifia were running short of money and, suddenly, Dr. Usodabada planned to seek help from Chopperman.

While he thought of devising a plan, he had his own self-interest. What with the amount of generosity he showed, while replacing his twosome with Chopperman itself!

Moving ahead, Dr. Usodabada had a clear-cut plan that he executed with the help of Chopperman. Ultimately, the profit lied in the hands of Usodabada. The shrewdness and cunningness with which he undertook the whole plan, was the bewitching point of this episode.

Now, if you feel to catch-up with this installment, you can easily access One Piece, in order to have a look at Dr. Usodabada’s evil motives.

Getting back to the happenings of the installment, there is a lot of commotion when Chopperman discovers Dr. Usodabada’s plan. Eventually, it’s Chopperman, who takes over Usodabada and emerges as a trenchant hero.

So, while you watch One Piece episodes online don’t forget to view this one!